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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


5 min Burpee emom (No Measure)

Stay within the movement of a deconstructed burpee then

Perform 5 normal burpees every minute.

Plank taps (No Measure)


10 Plank taps into

cobra pose

into downward dog

into 20 mountain climbers

into child’s pose

Skill Work

Renegade Row (5×5)

If you have stability issues with 2 bells you may use dumbells or switch to one kettlebell.

Single Arm KB Swing (5×8)

Perform each set on both sides
Build at least twice.


Quuckie (Time)

5 min cap

40 presses

40 swings

40 goblet lunges
Stay light to moderate and move quickly with focus.

Cool Down

400m light jog or brisk walk

5X Wide downward dog into cobra

20 sec spinal rolls

30 second reclined pigeon ea. Side

1 minute hold spinal twist

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