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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


Shoulder, Legs, Lumbar, Core (No Measure)

3x Vinyasa

Standing Arm Circles (forward and backward)

Standing Side Stretch

2x Push-up to Side Plank

Downward Facing Dog & walk the dog

Plank to Scapula Work

Relaxed Forward Fold

5 Donkey Kicks

5 Jump Forward


Long Cycle Test (10 Rounds for reps)

10 minutes:

Every minute on the minute complete 5 clean & p/prss with each arm. Use your moderate “Goldilocks” bell; not too heavy…not too light but just right. At about the 7 to 8 minute mark you may find that things start to get a little ugly. If you need to drop your rep count to 4 and 4 or even 3 and 3, go ahead. You MUST maintain excellent form. Shoot for a rep count between 80 to 100 reps.

Skill Work

Metcon (Weight)

5 sets of 10 reps (H) swings
Take about a one minute break between sets

Metcon (Time)

50 pull ups
Break up if needed as needed. Log any modification used.

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