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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club

Windmill warm up (No Measure)

push up into side plank 2×3 ea. arm

kneeling windmill

Hip opener 2 min hold ea leg

wrist fold and roll

Adductor & Lumbar stretch (No Measure)

10 sumo squats

1 min seated butterfly

1 min happy baby pose

cobra pose into downward dog 4x

Spinal twist 1 minute hold each side
Sumo, butterfly and happy baby pose stretch and warm up adductor muscles (groin area).

Cobra stretches and open shoulders, abdomen, lungs, and thorax.

Downward dog stretches shoulder, calf, hamstring, hand, and arches of the foot and warms up legs and arms. Together they warm up and stretch the lower back.

Metcon (Weight)

5 sets of 5 reps double bridged floor press

Metcon (Weight)

5 sets of 10 reps weighted SIDE step ups
use a short box or stacked plates to find your desired height.

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

2x each side max effort lifted plank

Metcon (Time)


2 rope climbs (6 rope rows)

20 goblet squats

20 swings
RX = 24kg/16kg + rope climbs

18:00 cap

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