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Testing Week


Testing Week

Hopefully you have all used this long weekend to rest and recharge. Test week will be challenging and will demand a good deal of you effort and concentration. Remember that these are not pass or fail type of tests and your results can be indicative of many things. For those of you who have recently competed you may or may not make improvements during these tests depending on whether you have had sufficient rest and recovery. For everyone else also should look at their results as indicators of where they need work and as an opportunity to evaluate the whole picture. There are 5 major factors that I like to keep a close watch on throughout my training because they all intercept and effect one another to produce my results or lack thereof.

Hydration, Sleep, Mobility, Training (Volume & Consistency) and Nutrition are they 5 things you should be tracking to get the results you want. Tracking these aspects of your program lets you know when and why things are happening or not. Hopefully you have been up on these things but if not I suggest you look to them now and evaluate your results against them.

We will be posting up last Testing’s results in the box just in case you don’t have them.

I wish you all Happy Testing!

PS. For all those who have been messaging me all week asking how I am doing I just want to say Thank You. I am starting to feel better and I hope to be in soon

Coach Ricky





Snatch, Clean & Jerk – Note:  Athletes will warm up and then establish max within 10 minutes. 2 Fails at any weight ends your test.Thursday


UB Dubs, 2K Row




UB MU Or UB Pullups, 1 Mile Run

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