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Saturday June 6th 2016


Saturday June 6th 2016

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit


Pass The Buck (No Measure)

The Entire Class Stands Back To Back in Two Rows.

The game is played like musical chairs except that 5 wall balls are in rotation instead of people moving. Who ever has the ball when the music stops has to do 10 burpees. The next round is played with the balls moving in the opposite direction. 4 Rounds total.

If any of the balls are on the floor when the music stops EVERYONE DOES THE BURPEES.

Carne Fria-2 Person Team WOD (Time)



Box Jumps 24/20

KB Swings 53/35

Each Athlete has to do the set reps before moving on to the next number of reps. Finish the HSPU the move on to Box Jumps and so forth.

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