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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club

10s Warm up (No Measure)


10 mountain climbers

10 sec plank

10 air squats

10 sec air squat hold

10 sec cobra pose into

10 sec downward dog

400 (4 Rounds for weight)

100 swings

100 cleans

100 push press

100 air squats (count half of your body weight as scored weight for this skill)
DO NOT PANIC! Each skill is scored as a round. This is not to be repeated 4x times.

10 round dub (10 Rounds for reps)

10 rounds of max unbroken dubs

Heavy swings WU&CD (No Measure)

Peanut angels and Roll out

Lacrosse ball lat smash

3×30 second Plank

5x cobra pose into child’s pose

1 minute spinal twist each side

30 second Spinal Rock

1 seated minute forward fold

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