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Sat 8/5/17


Sat 8/5/17

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit

Battle Buddy

Don’t forget to bring a friend on Saturdays. We are extending the free saturday class to the Kettlebell class as well.

Our new referral program gets you $50 box credit if your friend signs up.

Nacho y Esqueleto (Battle Buddy) (Time)

For Time

100 Wall Balls 20/16

15 Rope Climbs

200 Dubs

25 Cluster Burpee 45/25

Partners must stand behind the line. You can tag out as needed.

Rope Rows & 400 singles can be used as modifications.

Cluster Burpees are performed with a bumper plate. You start by Sprawling with the plate on the floor then cleaning the plate into a full squat and coming up into a thruster. Have fun.

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