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Monthly Rates

$50 Yearly Registration Fee

Choose a Membership

3 classes per week

$89/month plus tax

open gym membership

$69/month plus tax

Open gym members are welcome to join us in our Saturday 9am class

*Unlimited classes per week

$99/month plus tax

**personal training membership

$49/month plus $45/session

2 sessions per month minimum

* Unlimited includes 2 specialized group classes offered weekly

Specialized classes are weather permitting.
Olympic Weightlifting
Savage Science

Discounts available 20% off of chosen membership for doctors, nurses, first responders, active/inactive duty military, teachers and family members signing up together.

Every membership requires a commitment to a 3 month kick off challenge. 3 private sessions (1 per month) Set goals, measure performance and body metrics, address nutrition, sleep and other major factors for your fitness journey. Each session costs $50. First session included with registration fee.

(Whatever your 1st month total ($) is with the registration fee will be the same price for 2nd and 3rd month. After 1st 3 months your monthly membership fee is just whatever membership you chose)

Fitness Plus 3 month

  • 3 month commitment
  • 4 classes per week

Fitness Plus 6 month

  • 6 month commitment
  • 4 classes per week

Unlimited 3 month

  • 3 month commitment
  • unlimited classes per week

Unlimited Service 6 month

  • 6 month commitment
  • unlimited classes per week
  • LEO, Military, First Responders, Nurses, Doctors and Teachers
  • Proof of occupation required

Personal Training



Non members


Drop in Rate

Single Day


One week


***Drop-ins do not include open gym hours


Friends & Family

50% off registration / $10 off monthly fee
  • must sign up with family or friend


$20 off
  • must provide valid student ID


$20 off
  • not applicable with Service membership
  • extended to immediate family

Initial 3 month commitment can no be canceled or refunded. Memberships after the initial 3 month period are automatically renewed month to month. Cancelations are required to be in writing through our website link and all membership cancelations must be received 15 days prior to the next scheduled payment in order to stop that payment.

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