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The Sport of Fitness is all about increasing your work capacity. We measure progress through testing our performance in conditioning, strength, endurance, speed and various other skills and modalities in an attempt to develop the most well rounded kind of fitness there is. We want to be as prepared for anything and everything as possible. We train for the unknown and the unknowable.

CrossFit classes are held Monday through Saturday in a group setting lead by a certified CrossFit coach. Saturday WODs are held at 9am and are always team workout where we encourage members to bring a friend for free and share the gift of fitness and camaraderie.

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Health & Fitness

Our classes are designed to accommodate your personal objectives. Our coaches will instruct and guide you in modifying the daily CrossFit program so that you can work toward your goals. While the CrossFit program is tailored to developing the ability to compete in CrossFit events, with some simple modifications you will scale back and focus on maintaining full range of motion and a general ability to run, jump, lift and have fun.

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Custom Programming

Our personal trainers enjoy the opportunity to work with individuals on a one on one basis because it is the ultimate method of getting fit and achieving your goals. Personal training provides you with the accountability and instruction you need to get the maximum results in the most efficient time possible. Work with a coach to set up a baseline and a plan to succeed.

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24 Hour Power

24 Hour Power is our answer to crazy work schedules and a busy life. We want to make sure you have the time and the facilities to pursue your fitness goals when you need them the most. Our gym is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you can’t make it to one of our classes or if you simply need more time to work out we want you to have a place to go that still gives you all the benefits of a Fitness Facility. Our open floor plan, variety of equipment and focused environment are sure to help you achieve your goals.

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Boxing Fitness

Offered through Personal Training Only* This program focuses on using boxing style training to develop the type of fitness required for a boxer to move with speed, agility and power. When this type of training is paired with a targeted nutritional plan the results are amazing. This is a fun and effective way of getting in shape with the added benefit of giving you the ability to throw punches and defend yourself.

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BattleCry Barbell

BattleCry Barbell is a USAW weightlifting club where the goal is developing proficiency in both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Members are encouraged to participate in sanctioned meets but are not required to do so. Programming for our barbell program is provided through our mobile app and athletes follow along with guidance from our USAW level 2 Coach. There are two weekly meetups dedicated to the Olympic lifts.

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Savage Science

Offered through Personal Training Only* Designed to make you fit to fight, hunt, chase, run, wrestle and mentally endure the limits of your grit. We use kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, stones, maces, clubs and a ton of other tools to prepare you for the worst while making you the best. Focused on strength and conditioning that can be applied in combat and survival.

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