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Monday 4/18/16


Monday 4/18/16

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit


BattleCry Warm-Up (No Measure)

1- Arm Circles , Torso Rotation and Knee Raises

2- High Reach, Forward Fold and Toe Reach

3- Air Squat Into Sumo Stretch

4- Side Lunge Stretch

5- Lunges and Lunge & Reach

6- Plank Pushup Reverse Ladder

7- Hollows and Scissor Kicks

Rowling (No Measure)

3 Rounds

Athletes must row 100m using full strokes.

Any meters over or underthe 100m mark must be performed in air squats

Metcon (Weight)

4 rounds

200m suitcase carry

24 Blast off Pushups

24 Mtn Climbers (1/1)

24 KB Cleans (16/16)

24 Torso Twist w/plate

Score is total weight used for carry, clean and twists

Rx if you do all movements as posted

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