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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


Plank taps (No Measure)


10 Plank taps into

cobra pose

into downward dog

into 20 mountain climbers

into child’s pose

Skill Work

This Monday marks the start of the 4th week in our 10 week cycle. Today we introduce the technique of FIXATION. Today’s snatches will be broken up into sets of 10 as we work through learning and adding this advantageous technique to out arsenal.

100 KB snatches (Weight)

Complete 100 kb snatches at one prescribed weight. Break up reps 50/50. Complete all 50 on your least dominate side BEFORE moving on to the other 50.


Turkish Get Up (10×2)

Complete one rep on each side before releasing the kettlebell (this is 2 reps) Repeat 10x

Cool Down

standing side stretch

standing forward fold

thread the needle

wall shoulder stretch

leaning seated wall sit

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