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Friday 4/15/16


Friday 4/15/16

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit


Squat Mobility and Warm up (No Measure)

Roll Out Glutes and Piriformis

Pigeon Stretch and Hip Openers

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Ankle Dorsiflexion (Flossing, Contract and Release)

Calves and Feet (Smash, Roll, etc…)

Animal Crawl


F.T.W. – 3 Person Team WOD (Time)

For Time with EMOM

500M Row

40 Box Jumps 30/24

50 Wall Balls 20/16

60 KB American Swings 53/35

3 Thrusters EMOM 135/105

20 Min Cap –

NOTE- Athletes MUST alternate in one particular order. AThlete A must be followed by athlete B and then Athlete C. The order may not change mid-wod.

For example – if athlete A is begining the row and doesn’t finish it before the first set of thrusters he/she must do the thrusters if they want to finish the row. Once athlete B goes athlete C must follow.

Scaled Division Standards





FTW – Individual version (Time)

For Time with EMOM

200M Row

20 Box Jumps 30/20

30 Wall Ball Shots 20/16

40 KB American Swings 53/35

3 Thrusters EMOM 135/105

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