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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


We will be working on some projects around the box this weekend starting at 2pm on Saturday. Anyone who is willing to help will be greatly appreciated. We will be building a kids room, a front counter, kitchen counter, dumbbell rack and some other things.

Contact Coach Ricky for more info @ 321 304 7283


Banded shoulder WU/CD (No Measure)

Banded shoulder stretches

5 point band stretch

shoulder wall rotation

20 plank taps

downward dog hold

20 weighted arm circles (vertical, horizontal, each backward, forward)

Skill Work

Alternating 50M overhead carry (Weight)

5x 50m over head carry

with 2 racked bells, press only one overhead and walk to your half way point, then rack it and press the opposite bell overhead and continue back to your starting point. Repeat 5x.



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Starting with 1 rep of each skill, then add 1 more every round until failure.




front squat

push press

Failure is reached when you can no longer complete the sequence unbroken. Rest is allowed only in a racked position. Log weight used. There is NO BUILD and no decrease. Keep count of your reps.

Cool Down

Lumbar CD (No Measure)

4x 20 sec child’s pose into 20 sec back extension hold

1 minute spinal twist ea. side

2x 15 sec seated side bend ea. side

5x cat cow

20 sec spinal rock

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