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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


10 min TLC (No Measure)

Take this time to carefully work on anything that needs a little more tlc than usual. If you need assitance please ask a coach.

Leg stretches (No Measure)

Calf & Soleus wall stretch

Seated quad stretch

Seated Butterfly stretch

10 sec Hanging forward fold with toe touch x3

Skill Work

800m Row (Time)

Max Effort 800m Row

Double Kb Snatch (5 Rounds for weight)

5×10 DB KB snatch

Calculate the total weight of both bells. Log each round. If you build make sure to log what you build from to what you end with.

100 goblet squats (10 Rounds for weight)

10×10 goblet squats

Build at least twice. Do not start below your goldilock bell.

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

Bridge into reverse pigeon (right leg) into happy baby

hug knees in and rock side to side then forward to back. Roll forward onto all fours. 3x cat cow then 20 sec downward dog hold. Raise right leg into air then bring between hands into a lunge and reach hold for 10 seconds. Set right leg back into plank and move into cobra. Move Into Child’s pose.

Repeat entire sequence alternating to left leg.

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