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CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club


Leg stretches (No Measure)

Calf & Soleus wall stretch

Seated quad stretch

Seated Butterfly stretch

10 sec Hanging forward fold with toe touch x3

Shoulder warm up (kb) (No Measure)

30 push ups

3x 30 plank taps

3x 10 sec arm bar stretch ea. arm

5 point band sequence

5 Minutes Jump Rope (No Measure)

Skill Work

Strict Press (5 Rounds for weight)

3 sets of 3 reps each arm

Strict press
Keep these at a light to moderate weight. Focus on form. Keep heels to the ground, core engaged, shoulders squared, and erect posture. DO NOT reach your max or heavy weight.

Heavy push press (5 Rounds for weight)

5 set of 3 reps each arm

Heavy push press
Take 2 sets for each arm to warm up before moving on to your heavy weight. During these sets seek coach assistance to ensure the quality of your movement, especially if you are uncertain of what your heavy push press is. Once you are moving into your sets ALTERNATE each set and take a MINIMUM of 1 minute rest between each set! You may build on your last 2 sets if you choose.

KBC Heavy swings (Weight)

10×10 Heavy swings

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

3 point T-Spine smash with slam ball

Roll out Q.L. and Lats

Lacrosse ball or barbell trap smash on r

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