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Fri 2/10/17


Fri 2/10/17

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit

Grunt Work Warmup (No Measure)

Arm Circles

Knee Raises

Leg Swings

Hand Walk Outs

5 Rounds

20 Second Animal Crawl

20 Second Gator pushups

20 Second Animal Crawl

20 Second Jump Squats

Gorilla (Weight)

For Weight

3 Rounds

50 meter Sled Push

5 Tire Flips

4 Stone To Shoulder

3 Muscle Ups
Score is total loads added up plus your bodyweight

Cool Down 1 (No Measure)

-5 ea. side Lunge and Reach

-Leg on Box Hamstring -Stretch for 30 sec. each

-twisting bar hang 20 sec.

-Wall ball straddle stretch for 2 min

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