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Do You Deserve To Fail?


Do You Deserve To Fail?


RotR WOD 3 Day 1 Full-435-S

As we wrap up another 12 week cycle and get ready to test again, I  contemplate the last 3 months of training. Time and time again I watch folks go through the same cycle of ups and downs, p.r.’s and plateaus. Sometimes the plateaus are just too much for people to bare, they get frustrated and they quit. The question I always ask is “Did you deserve to fail?” 

Whether you train for progress or maintenance you can expect your results to go hand in hand with the effort and consistency in which you pursue your goals. If you took too much time off or you weren’t consistent from one week to the next you will see the effect of those decisions. If you didn’t draw the connections between your food choices, hydration, sleep, training, mobility and attitude then you were certainly likely to have missed something particularly important to your success. If you have had personal issues with work, relationships, finances, etc… you can also expect these things to have an impact on your training.

Being in good shape is no easy task. It requires dedication, focus and consistency. It also requires you to learn about yourself. You need to identify your personal habits, likes and dislikes so that you can tinker with your routine and deserve to succeed. Thats the beautiful part about all of this. You get out what you put in. So now ask yourself, “How focused have I been? Have I taken the time to analyze my lifestyle choices? Am I doing everything I can to ensure my success?”

These are concepts and principals that you can apply to any aspect of your life. Your relationships, your job, your health, your finances and your happiness all have something in common – YOU. You are the architect of your reality. 

Whatever the outcome of testing, do yourself a favor and own it. Own it because it is the most powerful position to be in. Own it because you are not a product of circumstance. You are the one who takes your circumstances and makes them work in your favor. You deserve to succeed.

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