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Day 4 – Prepared for anything…. or nothing at all


Day 4 – Prepared for anything…. or nothing at all

So we thought we were receiving our equipment today but I guess not. UPS got delayed and I waited 6 hours for no equipment at all. Here I was ready to haul 5695lbs of heavy metal but hey whatever! We kept on painting, built shelves, and a bunch of other things. Tomorrow will be the real deal!!

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  1. Ricardo

    Hi Mat,

    We are currently under construction at the moment but we are aiming to open up on June 17th… We definitely offer walk ins the opportunity to check out our facility… For those of you who are new to CrossFit you are free to come in and check out a class but will not be able to participate in a class until you have attend our orientation class… For experienced CrosFitter’s you may drop in for a class at any time but we also ask that you attend the orientation class once you have joined… We thank you for your interest and hope to see you soon…

    CrossFit BattleCry

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