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Day 17


Day 17

Team Work made the Dream Work. Thats the truth. I can only take credit for being part of an awesome team that begins with immediate friends and family and stretches out to every other individual who has somehow, someway played a part in this event we now call Battlecry. Today we measured out our one mile run, stretched, foam rolled and did a short and sweet WOD. Its kinda crazy when I think that it all started with my sister Ashley telling me to just start writing the darn business plan. Fact is, once I put pen to pad this whole thing just started rolling all by itself. So, Thank You GOD for this dream come true and everyone of you who has supported me along the way. This Sunday morning we will officially run the Clock for the first time and sound off our first 3,2,1, GO! Monday morning we will be open for business! For the month of June – Free WODing for everyone. Just stop by and check us out and help us spread the word.

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  1. Nancy

    Lotto says “All you need is a dollar & a dream;” but the big man upstairs said all you need is faith “the size of a mustard seed.” You definitely have had lots of support from those who love you and/or know you; the troops have rallied by your side & worked with you in the trenches; that’s a blessing!!!! I thank God for blessing you with a persevering heart & a relentless spirit. He will supply our every need; He always does. Now onward & upward!!! Lets go BattleCry!!!!

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