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Day 10 – Hands to the grind stone, Head to the stars


Day 10 – Hands to the grind stone, Head to the stars


Been so busy i didnt event post yesterday. Today has been one of those days when you wonder how your even standing. If it wasnt for the wacky bunch at Armor this morning keeping me entertained. I would have just passed out. The devil is definitely in the details but its the details that make us who we are. Today was nonetheless another productive day. We are working on a punch list of items with a hard working bunch. Special props to my boy Nacho who has been here grinding it out with us day in and day out.

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  1. Nancy

    Praying for you & everyone there – praying for a second, and third wind!!!! Keep going (in my tata voice). In the end it’ll be so worth it!!!! Great job!!!!

  2. Wendy

    Nacho has been amazing and you two have been so focused and dedicated. Keep the list coming we work and WOD as a team! Thanks for your prayers Nancy we know you and Johnnie are going to be such an integral part of the BattleCry family!! Can’t wait till your here then maybe we can start our blog!

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