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Barbell 2/3/17


Barbell 2/3/17

CrossFit BattleCry – Barbell Club

PVC Warmup (No Measure)

Pass Throughs, Good Mornings, OHS, Snatch Balance, Snatch

10 Reps of Each

Barbell Warm up (No Measure)

2 Min Deep Straddle Stretch with Wall Ball

2 Min Seated Fold- Both Legs

Quad, IT and Sartorius Smash

Ankle Roll and Smash

Calf Stretch and Smash

Banded Lat Stretch

Foam Roll Lats

P-nut smash Lumbar and Thorcic spine

Wrist and Forearm mobility

Snatch Opener

Warm Up and Set your opener

Snatch 2nd Lift

Snatch 3rd Lift

Metcon (No Measure)

Rest 10 Min

Clean & Jerk Opener

warm up and set your opener

Clean & Jerk 2nd Lift

Clean & Jerk 3rd Lift

Foam Roll Cool Down (No Measure)

1 Min Each Side – Foam Roll Piriformis

1 Min Each Side – Foam Roll Quads, IT Band and Sartorius

1 Min – Foam Roll Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

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