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Barbell 1/16/17


Barbell 1/16/17

CrossFit BattleCry – Barbell Club

PVC Warmup (No Measure)

Pass Throughs, Good Mornings, OHS, Snatch Balance, Snatch

10 Reps of Each

Core warmup (No Measure)

3x Child’s pose into cobra

5x Cat Cow Pose

30 Sec Hip Stretch(L&R)

Max Effort Plank

Max Effort Hollow Hold

Max Effort Ring Plank

Max Effort L Hang

Snatch (5×[email protected] with 3 sec. hold in the hole)

Snatch Bal Complex 1 (6×1 building if possible)

1 Snatch Bal + 3 OHS + 5 Sec Hold on last squat

Front Sq. -Tempo 5 Second Down (5×1 @ 75-85%)

Take 5 seconds to descend into the bottom of a front squat then stand up as fast as possible

Ring Dips (3x Max Effort)

Dragon Ass (Weight)

3 Rounds

200 M Over Head Bar Carry

50 M Wheel Barrow Carry

-Rest 1 Min Between each move

Cool Down

Roll out and stretch.

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