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Barbell 10/3/16


Barbell 10/3/16

CrossFit BattleCry – Barbell Club

Week 2 of 9

PVC Warmup (No Measure)

Pass Throughs, Good Mornings, OHS

10 Reps of Each

Mobility Warm up (No Measure)

Use foam roller, lacrosse ball and bands to work on full ROM

Make sure to work on wrists, shoulders, hips and ankles

Snatch Imitation Complex (3 Sets)

3 sets at 50%BW or 50% of 1 RM

Whichever is less

Ground to Knee, Ground to Pwr Snatch, Ground To Full Snatch, OHS
add 5 lbs from last week

Snatch off low blocks (5×[email protected]%)

Set box just below knee

Snatch Push Press (3×10)

Double Overhead Carry (4 x 25M at medium weight focused on neutral spine.)

Use 2 Kettlebells and Carry in a fully locked out overhead position for 25 Meters

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