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CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit


Go to and check out the wods for this upcoming event. Registration is now open

Push Pull Squat Warmup (No Measure)

Perform the following 2-3 times

150 M Row

3 Downward Dog into Childs Pose

(Hold Each for a 10 count)

6 Pushups

8 Air Squats

Snatch (4×3 Building (10 minutes))

Cycled full squat. Modify to power if needed.

Quit Your Rye ‘N (Renegade) (Time)

For time:

400m run

50 Russian KBS 70/53

40 Goblet squats 70/53

30 Hang pwr clean 135/95

400m run

Quit Your Rye ‘N (Battlecry) (Time)

For time:

200m run

50 Russian KBS 53/35

40 Goblet squats 50/35

30 Hang pwr clean 95/65

200m run

Cool Down 1 (No Measure)

– Lunge and Reach 5x each side

-Leg on Box Hamstring -Stretch for 30 sec. each

-twisting bar hang 20 sec.

-Wall ball straddle stretch for 2 min

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