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CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit

PVC Warmup (No Measure)

Pass Throughs, Good Mornings, OHS, Snatch Balance, Snatch

10 Reps of Each

Power Clean (5 reps every 90 seconds for 7 rounds)

Black Earth Renegade (Time)

For Time

100 dub buy in

then 3 rounds of

20 hspu

40 russian kb swings 80/53


100 dub cash out

cool down 4 (No Measure)

Standing torso rotations

Up and down arm swings

Knee rotations

Forward fold to reaching across L to R and R to L

Walk out into cobra

Childs Pose

Prone torso rotation on both sides

Supine torso rotation on both sides

Spinal rock

Metcon (Time)

Black Earth Battlecry (Time)

For Time

200 singles buy in

then 3 rounds of

30 hrpu

60 russian kb swings 53/36


200 singles cash out

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