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Congrats to our ladies Jessica Roman, Jessica Ortiz and Olivia Pelts as well as David Castro who participated and all placed in this past weekends Hero Games. This event was to raise funds for folks who are in need of wheelchairs. Also a great big thank you to Alan who sponsored one of our athletes for this event. You can learn some more about the event at the link posted here.

herogames battlecry girls 2014


Skill/Strength Work

8×5 Ring Rows   4×10 Ring Dips      (optional)18x Jump to Support

Note: We are in week 4 of our 12 week program. You should start feeling stronger with your Ring Rows and Dips by now. Keep the same height for the Jumping MU focusing on really getting a smooth transition to the top of  bar.


400M Run 40 Burpees

Note: Compare your time to last week and see which version of this wod produced the better time.

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